Use Concealer Like a Pro for Flawless Skin

Out of the several beauty products that women apply for flawless skin, a concealer is one of the most economical and effective ways to camouflage any flaws. Ideally, you should use a concealer that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your skin tone to hide under-eye shadows, pimples, or moles, blending it with a blender sponge. However, many women use the concealer incorrectly and accentuate the flaws rather than hide them. Applying the concealer correctly is an important skill that every woman should master. If you too are facing challenges in using a concealer correctly, this blogpost helps you learn some makeup artist tricks. Read on.

1. Hiding the Under-eye Shadows

Hiding the under-eye circles is easy with a liquid concealer made of lifting ingredients, loose powder, and blending sponge. Apply a light eye cream to prepare the under-eye area and use a peach or yellow-toned concealer, a shade lighter than your skin, to diminish the bluish-purplish hue and hide dark circles. Spread the concealer using a concealer brush, and gently blend it to your skin with your small finger. Gently dabbing a wet blender sponge, dipped in loose powder can set the concealer and not allow it to fade away quickly.

2. Covering Scars or Dark Spots

A cream, lifting concealer, concealer brush, blending sponge, and loose powder help in concealing scars or dark spots. Cream concealer are preferred over liquid concealer to erase the dark pigmentation due to the fact that they are thicker, contain less oil, and last longer. Use a brush to apply concealer to cover the scar or dark spot, and gently dab a lifting concealer to highlight the area. Blend the concealer and loose powder using a damp face blender sponge to get the perfect pigment free finish.

3. Masking Redness Around the Nose

You need a cream concealer, face blender sponge, and loose powder to mask the redness around the nose. Generally the area around the nose gets oily quickly, which is why it is recommended to use an oil-free cream concealer to camouflage the flaw. Pat and blend the concealer into the crease around the nose using your index finger, and them using a damp oval makeup sponge dipped in loose powder blend the mixture.

4. Camouflaging Pimples

Spots and pimples are the most irritating of all the flaws, for if not handled carefully they can spread quickly. Pimples mostly have red texture, requiring a layer of green concealer to neutralize and ensuring it doesn’t gets too oily or irritated. Use a concealer pencil to blemish the area, for its pointed shape enables smooth spreading of concealer around the area. Lastly, use a damp blending sponge dipped in translucent powder over the area to blend the mixture and ensure the concealer doesn’t comes off.

5. Obscuring Darkness Around the Lips

The problem of darkness around the lips can be easily managed using a white concealer, concealer brush, blender sponge, and loose powder. Apply a light shaded concealer around the lips using the bush to hide the darkness around the mouth. If you have dark skin tone, apply a white-colored concealer on the dark area followed by a foundation that matches your skin tone for proper finishing. Once the concealer has brightened up the whole area, apply a damp face sponge blender dipped in loose powder to blend the mixture.

The Bottom Line

If you are among those women find it challenging to use concealer effectively to camouflage their flaws, try following instructions provided in the blog to use concealer perfectly and hide any under-eye shadows, pimples, or moles. For flawless results, you need to use high-quality concealer, brush, loose powder, and a blender sponge. You can buy a face blender sponge at Blenderelle, your one-stop shop for cosmetic tools and accessories. If you wish to learn more about our products visit our website, fill out our contact form or call us at +1 914 265 2260.