6 Golden Tips on Using Your Makeup Sponge

A make up blender sponge is an ace in your makeup kit, whether you’re a fashionista, makeup artist, a fan of the minimalist look, or occasionally apply makeup. Beauty products designers and manufacturers, over the years, have introduced makeup sponges of different shapes, including pear, triangle, and egg shaped makeup sponges. The different sponges are quite handy when you need to get rid of ugly smudges, or want to even out your SPF. That said, you need to follow proper handling and usage tips to get the most out of the makeup tools. To help, the blog discusses some such guidelines. Take a look.

1. Wet/dry Sponge as Required Before Use

Make sure to wet your makeup blender sponge every time before use, especially if you’re applying liquid-based makeup, such as liquid foundation to ensure even application. Squeeze out the excess water using a dry paper towel. That said, always dry the sponge to ensure it isn’t holding any moisture before use.

2. Clean Your Makeup Sponge After Every use

When you use a makeup sponge, dead skin particles, oil, and dirt particles cling to it, increasing the risk of skin breakouts and infections. Cleaning the sponge once every week is not enough and users must perform the task after every use, without fail. To get rid of both, prominent and minute dirt particles, run the sponge under tap water, dry it using a soft paper towel, and use olive oil and a mild soap to clean the body. Make sure the sponge is not holding back any moisture before storing it.

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3. Put Your Sponge to Multiple Uses

Egg shaped makeup sponges and other contemporary models are designed to perform a range of roles and their use goes far beyond just applying makeup and foundation. You can use your makeup tool to evenly apply skin care products such as moisturizers, SPF, and serums. Makeup sponges have soft edges, making them ideal for use around delicate spots such as the area under the eyes.

4. Rubbing Won’t Produce Desired Results

Rubbing the makeup sponge against the skin not only fails to yield desired results but can also shorten the makeup tool’s service life. To avoid this problem, experts advise users to follow what is commonly known as the “stippling” technique. Users following this method must clean the sponge thoroughly under warm water and bounce it along the skin gently after ensuring it is devoid of moisture. Press the surface to deposit makeup for a natural look. The method helps in getting more coverage with less product, helping you avoid wastage.

5. Store Makeup Sponge in Ambient Conditions

Avoid storing your makeup sponges in ziplock bags, as lack of sunlight and air creates ambient conditions for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Instead, use Blenderelle, an antimicrobial makeup blender sponge protector case, that facilitate cross ventilation.

6. Regularly Phase out old Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges come with an expiration date and won’t serve any purpose once they complete their lifecycle, even if you take all necessary precautions while using, cleaning, and storing them. An average product has a useful life of three months after which, it will start ripping and losing color, making it difficult for you to ensure even application.

Bottom Line

Following these tips can help you get the most out of your egg makeup sponge. It is also advisable, that you learn usage instructions before zeroing in on any product. At NYC Designed, we’re driven by a mission to provide unique skin cosmetic products to our customers. The Blender Bud, a revolutionary blender from our stable, helps you perform a range of blending tasks and more. To learn more about our products and expertise, fill out our contact form and we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also call us at +1 914 265 2260.